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The main objective of the American Cultural Center for Sport in Tianjin is to bring culturally-oriented instruction, exchanges, and engagement to Chinese people.

The center uses the medium of sport to examine deeply held cultural values within American society. The unique sports-focused programming reaches a broad audience through public lectures, presentations, and education initiatives—all designed to develop a deeper understanding of fundamental American values through the education, language, and play of sport.



Programs & Services 项目和服务

The American Cultural Center for Sport in Tianjin provides educational programming to develop a deeper understanding of how sport culture impacts all of our interactions. This understanding is vital to sustaining a healthy and mutually respectful U.S.-China relationship.

To demonstrate how sport culture and values are integrated into the larger American society and how these cultural values influence American viewpoints, global outlook and their engagement in business, education, politics, law, arts, and communication, the center offers the following programs:



• Print and online resources 印刷和在线资源
• Athletic exchanges and collaborations 体育交流与合作
• Guest lectures 客座讲座
• Professional training 专业培训
• A series of “Culture Conversations” 一系列的“文化交流”

Why sport? 为什么选择体育?

In the U.S. sport has long played an important role not only in promoting fitness, but also in sharing common values across American society. Sport has been instrumental in connecting Americans with other countries and cultures; in fact, some say that the modern U.S.-China relationship began with a simple game of ping-pong. Despite highly visible exchanges in sport, U.S. and Chinese people remain ignorant of each other’s fundamental cultural values leading to frequent miscommunications in business, educational and people-to-people exchange initiatives and impeding the development of successful relationships in the broader U.S.-China context.


Why Tianjin? 为什么选择天津?

The American Cultural Center for Sport is ideally located in Tianjin. Its proximity to Beijing and its status as one of the five national central municipalities supports a dynamic and innovative community, with more than 250 Fortune 500 companies located there. Tianjin has a thriving business climate and is the sixth largest city of China. It is a sophisticated port city with an educated and globally aware population and is home to more than twenty institutions of higher education.